Research on the Understanding of Probability

I need help with a Probability question. All explanations and answers will be used to help me learn.

First: Read section 27.4 Issues for Learning: Research on the Understanding of Probability. This can be found on this link ( Let me know if you’re able to open the link!

Then read “Is Chance Fair? One Student’s Thoughts on Probability.” This can be found in the PDF file that I have uploaded.

Second: Respond to each of the following questions in paragraph form.

1. From the research, what notions of probability seem to be most intuitive to young students? Give a specific example.

2. Are there any concepts that, according to the readings, need to be more explicitly taught to young students? Name at least one and provide an example of how it can be incorporated in school curriculum.

3. What is your initial reaction to the readings? Is there anything that struck out to you? Why? Be specific in your response.

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