Research methods policy evaluation Apa format 750 words or more preferably no more than 1500 words

 Read the article: “Controlling a Jail Population by Partially Closing the Front Door: An Evaluation of a ‘Summons in Lieu of Arrest’ Policy”(Baumer & Adams, 2006). Using concepts from chapters 1 – 13 as the basis for your analysis, in a narrative format of 750 or more words, summarize: (a) the research problem, (b) research design, (c) data-gathering strategy, (d) the evaluation assessment, (e) the impact assessment, and (f) summarize the key findings and/or policy issues.


 Baumer, T. L., & Adams, K. (2006). Controlling a Jail Population by Partially Closing the Front Door. The Prison Journal, 86(3), 386-402. doi:10.1177/0032885506291036

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