Research Methods inResearch Methods in Business (BUS229:001) – Research project that requires using hypothesis.(BUS229:001) – Research project that requires using hypothesis.

Research Methods in Business (BUS229:001) Term Project—Spring 2020 Project Description: Each student selects a research project that requires using (but not limited to) hypothesis testing and regression analysis methods. The project is used to evaluate the following learning objectives in BUS229: (1) Master the basic principle and application of hypothesis testing. (2) Grasp the issues of regression models and solve common business statistical problems with regression analysis. (3) Use Mircosoft Excel for statistical and regression analysis. Specifically, the following criterion will be used in grading the project: 1) significant research topic, 2) sufficient data collection (can be either primary or secondary data), 3) appropriate statistical data analysis, 4) clear research paper, and 5) engaging project presentation. Research Proposal State your research question and explain the significance of the topic in one (1) single-spaced page. Please note that whatever idea you come up with to research, you must be able to find data for it. NO DATA, NO PROJECT. Therefore, you will need to do a preliminary data search to see what is available as you mull over your research question. Data Collection and Description (Due February27, 2020) Submit your data in the Excel file. Plus, submit a one-page description about the data, including the data source. You can obtain your data through self-designed surveys or through the library/internet. Make sure to explain the construction of your variables, identify your dependent variable and independent variables, and discuss the relationships you studied. Please note that your y variable should be a continuous variable, and your x variables must include at least one continuous variable and at least one dummy variable. In addition, you should have at least 30 observations in your dataset.


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