reputable news source) or report on human trafficking

reputable news source) or report on human trafficking

Choose an article (from a reputable news source) or report on human trafficking. The article can cover any of the following: legislation, prosecution, arrests/investigations, policy, etc. It can aIDress human trafficking as a whole or specific components under labor or sex trafficking.

Your paper must include EACH of the following:

Summary of article

***In your own words, please do not cut and paste the article in your paper.

Evaluation of the article/report

What is the issue the article or report identified?
How does it relate to what we have covered in our readings so far?
Does it aIDress labor, sex trafficking, or both?
How does the issue covered meet the elements (force, fraud, coercion) of trafficking? Consider the definitions provided in your readings.
What agency(s) were involved and what was their role(s)?
What were the outcomes or anticipated outcomes?
Why did you choose this article over others and what did you find most interesting?
Do you feel the article was objective? If not, why?
What did it leave you wondering? Concerns?
Citation of Article – APA Format

Your paper should be 1-2 pages double spaced using 12-point, Times New Roman font and follow standard APA formatting. Your grade will be based on quality of writing and effectively aIDressing each of the items listed above. DO NOT USE WIKIPEDIA AS A SOURCE FOR YOUR ARTICLE.

Failing to include an APA citation of the article used for this assignment will result in a ZERO. If I can not find the article, you will not receive credit.

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