Reply to the two students discussion below 125 words each reply.YOU ARE NOT TO GRADE, CRITIQUE, OR CRITICIZE THEIR WORK. ONLY ADD TO THE DISCUSSION/ CONVERSATION STAYING ON TOPIC.First student, Havin

Reply to the two students discussion below 125 words each reply.


First student,

 Having two teenagers both in high school, I know all too well the issues with social media, the internet and not being able to disconnect with their peers. To avoid issues that come with having a cell phone and constant access to the world in our home cell phones are put up once everyone is home and no one is allowed on them for the remainder of the evening. Neither one of my children have any type of social media as I do not feel they need it. I have allowed them to have Instagram at one point and my daughter summed it up very well the pressure of having to post was constant. So neither one of them have Facebook, Instagram, Snap Chat, Twitter nothing and they both say they don’t miss it nor do they even have a desire for it. I think that not allowing children constant assess to the world via cell phones, computers etc, would absolutely limit the amounts of cyberbullying. Another way to combat cyberbullying is parent educating their children on what you post on the internet is for the world to see and never goes away. The video and pictures that children post are at times excessively much, and open themselves up for becoming victims of cyberbullying like the example in the video clip. My number one solution for combating cyberbullying is no eliminate or limit the child’s ability to be on social media and the internet.  As for the case involving “Michelle Carter” and “Carter Roy III,” I most definitely believe Ms. Carter contributed the Mr. Roy’s death she did nothing to stop it in fact she sent multiple messages encouraging him to harm himself.  As for the schools responsibility for cyberbullying I do not believe they are responsible unless it is taking place on school grounds. A simple solution to this issue is parents need to be monitoring their child’s cell phone and computer content.

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Second student to respond to,

 Cyberbullying has become a major issue in school. Kids are bullying other students to where students want to harm themselves at home. I do believe it is the school responsibility to ensure the students safety even off campus. Most bullying starts at school. If the teachers and any school staff notice the behavior I believe they should handle it to put a stop to it. Teachers can sit and talk with the student or mention the bullying to the student’s parent, make them aware of the situation. Teachers should even contact the bully’s parents so they are also aware what their child is doing. Follow up on the student to make sure they are okay. Some children are scare to reach out or wont reach out. They rather have someone come to them for help. 

Cyberbullying remind me of a show I watch on Netflix called “13 Reasons Why” an teen age girl in high school commits suicide in her home because of they way people have treated her. She was too scared to reach out and things were too much for her to bare. Before she committed suicide she made 13 tapes of the people that did wrong in her eyes. She made the tape so they could know who and what play apart of her death. 

Bullying is a very serious matter today. Kids don’t know any better or don’t know what it can lead to. In Cater’s case, I believe she didn’t mean to say things she said to her ex boyfriends death. I think she wanted to say things to make him mad and didn’t expect him to react on it. It was wrong of her to say those things to him. She should have help him seek help. She could have called the law enforcement or his family/ friends warn them that he’s having suicide thoughts and he may harm his self. I also believe she provoked him out of anger, but again it was wrong of her doing so.

when someone is experiencing bullying or suicide thoughts no matter what age its best to take it serious. its not good to ignore or provoke it. You don’t know exactly what’s going on in their end. Sometimes people just need a shoulder to lean on or someone to tell them that everything is going to be okay.  

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