relationship between public relations and journalism

relationship between public relations and journalism

How would you describe the relationship between public relations and journalism? To what extent do you think public relations impacts the ‘objectivity’ of news? Discuss.
Paper instructions:
An argumentative essay should persuade the reader to a particular point of view on the strength of the reasons presented. It should show a clear line of reasoning based on evidence and in support of the point of view expressed in the introduction. Planning is critical to writing a logical argument.

Choose a question from the list provided. Use information [in-text referenced] from academically acceptable sources such as peer-reviewed journals and textbooks. From your research, develop a number of arguments that support your point of view.

In the body of your essay, each paragraph should focus on one of these arguments and should have substantial supporting details. Counter arguments should also be included.

The introduction should provide background information about the issue, a clear statement outlining your position on the issue and scope of your essay.

The conclusion should sum up the main points in relation to the main idea and round off the essay without introducing any new information. Please note that this essay should have no more than 10 paragraphs and should include a list of references.

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