Discussion forum #1

Describe a situation in which you can identify potential reinforcers and how, by observing the behavior of people in that environment/situation, you would identify reinforcers that are operating.

Fridays, are for the most part everyone’s favorite day of the work week, because it means is the last work day of the week and the next few days we will be off work. On Fridays at my office you can observe a very fast pace and busy work day that is because often in the morning our supervisor will say if we finish our work load of the day early we are able to go home early. Even though sometimes there is too much work and it would be mission impossible to finish all in less time than usual you can observe my coworkers and me trying to work faster and harder and we become very work oriented and sometimes we would even skip our lunch break with the hopes to finish our work early to go home. Among other observations one can make in the environment is that you hear more silence in the office. Small talks and side conversations are cut out in the hopes to yield faster work.

Here is an example of what it would look like in a diagram:

Reinforcer: Supervisor tells Yelitza she can go home early if the work is finished early.

Yelitza has to work full day…Yelitza eliminates distractions works harder and faster…Yelitza finish work early and goes home.

One could say that a potential reinforcer is “to go home early”. This is also known as a positive reinforcer because it involves the additions of reinforcing stimulus following a behavior that makes it more likely that the behavior will occur again in the future, work

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