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Assignment: Management Briefing #1 – Overview Of Legal Requirements/Issues: Refer to the Total Rewards Project memo for Business Express in week 1 and write a briefing to management summarizing the key legal issues that need to be taken into consideration when determining employee compensation and in building a compensation structure. 

Please use the attachment to help assist you in writing the brief. Make it fun yet ensure you hit on key legal issues. This is a HR class so think in terms of a HR professional. 

Total Rewards Project Memo

Congratulations on your appointment as VP of Total Rewards for Business Express. Business Express is an internet office supply company headquartered in Denver Colorado. They have no brick and mortar outlets and derive all of their sales through internet, telephone or sales rep generated orders. Business Express has customers throughout the continental US and Canada. While most customers are business purchasing supplies for their organization about 25% of Business Express sales come from individual consumers.

Business express was founded in 2005 and has grown at double digit annual rates. When the company was founded the HR processes including compensation were not well thought out, defined or delivered. As a result, there is no clear rationale or structure to what employees get paid and whether their compensation package is competitive from both an internal and external basis. In addition, there is a question as to whether the pay practices conform to Federal and State Law. Senior management has concerned that the compensation strategy does not engage employees, does not align and drive performance consistent with company goals and objectives and does not focus employees on customer engagement.

The briefs and final projects are not APA papers. They should be sited using APA format but but should look like a business report or brief that you might use in a workplace. Business memo can use colors, charts, and other techniques to engage the reader. You have been hired to completely revamp the Total Rewards plan for the Company and senior management has given you a great deal of leeway to develop a recommended plan.

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