reflection paper 248

The individual reflection paper should be a minimum of two typed pages with no larger than 12pt font.

  1. How many customer interviews did your team perform? 50. Who did you interview and why? (5pts)
  2. List 5 key assumptions you started with and discuss the insights you gained when you performed your customer interviews. With each key assumption discuss whether or not they were validated. If not, why not? (10 pts)
  3. Describe your customer archetype. (5 pts)
  4. Based on your customer discovery process, will your product succeed going to market? Why or why not? What challenges would you encounter bringing your product to market? (10 pts)
  5. How much funding would you need to launch your venture? List specific activities, milestones, and timeline that aligns with the necessary funding. (10 pts)
  6. What are your biggest takeaways from the course? (5 pts)
  7. What did you learn about entrepreneurship that you didn’t know before the course? (5 pts)

Most answers to these questions can be found in the SmartPark 5 minute pitch pdf.

The 10 customer interviews that I did are also attached. (the zip file contains the customer interviews)

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