reflection paper 211

1. Mandatory Minimum Sentences

    • Recitation p. 147
    • You Decide p. 154

2. The Death Penalty

  • Recitation

3The Death Penalty for the Rape of a Child

  • Recitation
  • You Decide

3 reflections with 1.5 page for each one (total 5 page), I already uploaded the textbook link below

For this Reflection of you will answer the fact pattern/hypothetical You Decide. But to reach your decision, you must use the arguments presented regarding the the death penalty as a sentence as presented in the two articles. You must apply and compare the judges’ rationale in each.

You must reflect on whether you agree or disagree with your positions. It cannot say simply, “I agree” or “I disagree.” For points, you opinion must be supported by specifically cited references to the materials and the discussion from your classmates.

Upload here the Reflection Papers for the recitation in doc. or docx. No format requirements (font, etc.). There is no minimum or maximum length. But your grade is based on you providing a substantive reflection. A meaningful effort should be around 1/2 – 1pg (if single-spaced) for each case.

Any material you get from the book or the in-class discussion must be cited. No specific citing format is required. But Canvas runs a check for plagiarism, and also, you are earning points by showing your use of the class materials.

The textbook:…

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