Reflection paper

Reflection paper

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The book Needed for this reflection paper is (The Humanistic Tradition) Medieval Europe and the world beyond. By Gloria K. Fiero. The book would be easily found online or at any local library.

Reflection Paper direction and information
Reflection papers are assigned so that you fully experience the material that is presented in class and in the assigned readings.  These papers also record your thinking process and guide your learning experience.
A reflection paper is meant to illustrate your understanding of the material.
In these papers you are expected to provide evidence that you understand the information presented and read so far in this course. Chapters 8 and 9 omit readings; Chapter 10 You may omit reading 10.1 Islamic poetry on page 236-240. Begin reading again on 240 at Islamic Prose Literature through end of chapter. must read the reading 10.4 1001 Nights; Chapter 11 You may omit readings 11.2, 11.3& 11.4; Chapter 12 Read only page 285 at the bottom beginning with Dante’s Divine Comedy and reading 12.4 through page 294  Stop after that, and finally Chapter 13 stop on page 320 before Medieval Music. This diagram what you should reflect on from all the chapters above be specific.

A reflection paper IS NOT a summary of the course readings, a mind dump, or an opinion paper.  I believe, I think, I feel, are opinion:  avoid this.

Most importantly, we are not here to judge:  We are here to learn.
In these papers you will:

1.    Identify main themes that integrate the corresponding ideas, artwork, literature, etc., with the these eras.

2.    You will write in the first person singular.  This means you use the word “I,” yet, you must refrain from making this paper about you.  Do not write I learned that…, etc.  Just simply discuss what you have learned.  You do this because you are relating the readings and classes to your previous knowledge and experience.
3. Contemplate if and how what you have read and learned changes your ideas or thinking.
4.  Make certain you review the information so that you are certain you have included
all relevant facts and that you have made all the appropriate connections.

•    Your paper must be three (3) pages long and no more than three (3) and ½ pages long.

•    Don’t make it longer than that.  I give you a minimum and a maximum so that you focus on the important issues.

•    I do not want a lot of “fluff.”  You delve into the information immediately in the first paragraph. I do not want any dramatic introduction.

•    Again, I will upload a template for you to use.  Do not change and settings on it.  Just follow the directions and begin typing.  I do want you to use black font though.

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