Refer to Exercise 46 of Sectio

Refer to Exercise 46 of Section 7.4.

a. Use the bootstrap method to find a 95% bootstrap interval for the mean of the population from which this data was obtained.

b. Compare your result in part (a) to the 95% confidence interval found in Exercise 46(a).

Exercise 46

A study of the ability of individuals to walk in a straight line (“Can We Really Walk Straight?” Amer. J. of Physical Anthro., 1992: 19–27) reported the accompanying data on cadence (strides per second) for a sample of n 5 20 randomly selected healthy men:

A normal quantile plot gives substantial support to the assumption that the population distribution of cadence is approximately normal. A descriptive summary of the data from Minitab follows:

a. Calculate and interpret a 95% confidence interval for population mean cadence.

b. Calculate and interpret a 95% prediction interval for the cadence of a single individual randomly selected from this population.

c. Calculate an interval that includes at least 99% of the cadences in the population distribution using a confidence level of 95%.

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