Refer to Exercise 42 of Sectio

Refer to Exercise 42 of Section 7.4. a. Use the bootstrap method to find a 95% bootstrap interval for the mean of the population from which the data of Exercise 42 was obtained. b. Compare your result in part (a) to the 95% confidence interval found in Exercise 42(c).

Exercise 42

The article “Measuring and Understanding the Aging of Kraft Insulating Paper in Power Transformers” (IEEE Electrical Insul. Mag., 1996: 28–34) contained the following observations on degree of polymerization for paper specimens for which viscosity times concentration fell in a certain range:

a. Construct a boxplot of the data and comment on any interesting features.

b. Is it plausible that the given sample observations were selected from a normal distribution?

c. Calculate a two-sided 95% confidence interval for true average degree of polymerization (as did the authors of the article). Does the interval suggest that 440 is a plausible value for true average degree of polymerization? What about 450?

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