Red River College Residential

The owner is trying to decide whether to change business models to generate more revenue; the company primarily works on non-residential construction projects, but is interested in expanding into residential markets.

How to Proceed

Part 1 – Excel

Your supervisor has asked you to research demand and profitability indicators to decide if this idea is worth considering. Is it more profitable to remain in non-residential construction, or are there missed opportunities in residential construction?

Using the City of Winnipeg’s open data website (use aggregate data), you will compare the frequency (#) and total value ($) of residential construction permits vs non-residential permits that have been issued in the following neighborhoods between the years 2015 to 2020:

  • The Forks
  • Tuxedo
  • Waverley Heights
  • West Broadway

Transfer the relevant data into an Excel spreadsheet, and ensure you:

  • Download the raw data into a separate worksheet and use your name_raw in the label
  • Sort the relevant data using a structured table and format it into a table of your choice.
  • Use accounting format with zero decimal places.
  • Create properly formatted title and table elements on a separate worksheet with your name_table in the label.
  • Insert at least one mathematical/statistical function(s) into the spreadsheet.
  • Create a chart or graph of your choice to help visualize your information on a separate worksheet with your name_graph in the label.
  • Save as: Firstname_Lastname_Project.xlsx

Part 2 – Word

Your report will contain a total of 5 pages (title page, report pages (2 pages), flyer page, bibliography page).

Report layout:

  • 12-point Calibri font, double spaced in Portrait orientation.
  • Insert a left footer displaying your name (FirstName LastName) on all pages except on title page and flyer page.
  • Insert a right footer (on the same line and left footer) displaying page numbers on all pages except the title page and flyer page.
  • Apply narrow margins

Report content:

  • Create a logo for Claw Construction to use throughout your document
    • Use Office 365 to create a logo of your own design
  • Create a title page (Using Word function) for your report (include your new logo)
  • Create a report page which includes these three elements:
    • An introductory paragraph (150-200 words) describing the problem you are trying to solve, and a summary of your research citing one at least one reference (using the reference function in APA)
    • One table and one chart from your Excel file
    • Conclusion paragraph with your recommendation(s)
  • Create a marketing flyer (include your new logo) that targets residential construction using at least four layout/design techniques found in Word Module 4: Enhancing Page Layout and Design on a separate page in Landscape (for this page only) and no footer.
  • Create a bibliography page using the Word function in APA style on the last page.
  • Save as: Firstname_Lastname_Project.docx

Part 3 – PowerPoint

  • Prepare a PowerPoint presentation (no more than 5 slides) to help explain your findings to your supervisor
  • Slides should contain a footer with the students name (except on the title slide)
  • Title slide contains logo and student name
  • Introduction slide to use bullets list of your choosing
  • Data slides from Word/Excel
  • Conclusion/Recommendation slide to include student name in Notes section.
  • Use animation/transitions of your choice
  • Title fonts to be 36-44 point, body fonts 28-32 points
  • Ensure background contrasts with text/images
  • Narrate and record your presentation (no more than 5 minutes) using the Record Slide Show feature in PowerPoint to create a self-running presentation.
  • Save As: Firstname_Lastname_Project.pptx

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