Reading Response Post

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Reading Response Post from Book 11 to 15. Attached is the book Iliad.

Q. The Gods’ Role, and What That Says about Hellenic Culture

Ans: If you have studied Greek mythology, you might have learned that Ares is the god of war. That is inaccurate. War is too great a part of ancient life to be covered by one god. Ares is more properly thought of as the god of battle and of bloodlust. Pallas Athena is equally associated with war, but she is known more for strategy and skill. Meanwhile, the Greeks embody other attributes of battle in lesser deities such as Eris (Strife) and Rout. Consider the gods’ role in the war and their place in the story. Why are both so significant? What do the gods’ characters, behavior, influence, and interference say about Hellenic (Greek) culture and the way the people perceived and understood the world?

Quoting and citing

Iliad is written in verse. That means line-breaks and capitalization matter. When you quote, mark line-breaks with a forward slash with a space on each side: “Zeus, clouds scudding around him: / ‘Better to put Athena on him / She’s always been the best at giving him grief’” (5.816-18). Note also that the citation belongs after the quotation marks but before whatever punctuation you want to use after the quotation.

If a passage of verse you want to quote is longer than three lines, block-quote it. That means you should skip down to the next line, you do not add (or remove) quotation marks, you reproduce the format of the lines as closely as possible, and you do not need punctuation after the citation:

The reins slipped out of Nestor’s hands,
And with fear in his heart he said to Diomedes:

“Son of Tydeus, turn your horses around.
Zeus has given this man the glory today.” (8.141-44)

Note that all four of these lines are part of the quotation, but the third and fourth lines are in quotation marks in the text.

To cite quotations in these posts, use the book number and the line numbers of the specific passage; for example, (8.141-44) means Book 8, lines 141 through 144. You do not need the author’s name in the citation because that will be obvious.

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