Reading Assignment

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Write Three paragraphs, one paragraph for each readings’ questions. 1 page, single spaced.


  • The Roman Republic, Values, Politics, and Shift to Empire. One paragraph, answering the following questions:
  • Ovid-The Art of Love – Read ( pp. 4 – 45 ). One paragraph, answering the following questions:
  • The Gospels – Read Gospel of Matthew ( All ), Gospel of John ( pp. 2- 22 ), Romans ( pp. 7 – 28). One paragraph, answering the following questions:


1- What are the main differences we can see between ancient Roman Society and Greek Society? Are there differences?

2- What made Rome successful in comparison to the Athenians or in comparison to the earlier conquest of Alexander the Great?


1- What is the purpose of this piece?

2- Does Ovid have a writing style? What is it?

3- What are your general thoughts here? Do agree or disagree with Ovid? Did you like this piece?


1- Are there any differences or similarities between the Old Testament readings of the Bible we read and these?

2- What is the purpose of these texts?

3- what is the relationship between Rome and the Jewish people?

Remember that you have to answer each reading’s questions in one paragraph.

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