Read the summary of the case Mitchell v. Fortis Insurance Company in your textbook. In a 500+ word paper, explain why this is a breach of contract case. After introducing the topic in an introducto

Read the summary of the case Mitchell v. Fortis Insurance Company in  your textbook.  In a 500+ word paper, explain why this is a breach of contract case.  After introducing the topic in an introductory paragraph, answer all of the following questions in your paper.

  • What kind of contract is this and who is the breaching party?
  • What kinds of damages are normally awarded for breach of contract?
  • Are punitive damages normally awarded in a case of this type?  Why did the court award punitive damages in this case?  Do you agree with this decision?
  • Did the insurance company behave ethically in this situation?  Would you have suggested that they do anything differently?  Why or why not?

For a good look at even more differences between contract and tort law, read this article form Quora (Links to an external site.) magazine.

Short paper assignments should be a minimum of 500 words long.  In your paper answer all of the questions in the prompt and include a discussion of anything relevant you have learned in the course or from the textbook.  Do not use a question/answer format.  When you are asked to read an article from an outside source you should specifically mention or quote something from that article at least twice in your paper.  Any reference to or use of outside sources should noted (cited) either in the paper or at the bottom of the page.  


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