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Guide for Interview & Cross Gendered Leisure Activity Assignment (150 pts)

  • Assignment Overview. Create a slide presentation with voice over (i.e. using power point, voice thread, etc.) that shows what you learned from the class materials, a biographical interview, and your adventures into a cross-gendered leisure activity.
  1. Choose a significant woman in your life (i.e. mother, grandmother, a friend at church or a teacher, a neighbor) who is at least a generation older. If you prefer, you can also interview someone you don’t know very well.
  2. Contact your person and make sure the person is willing. Ask if you can record the interview. Be sure to tell the interviewee that only you will have access to the data (and be sure to honor that). You are recording it so you can focus on the person and not be taking notes. If they don’t want you to record, that’s fine too, take good notes!
  3. Schedule the interview. A face-to-face interview is preferable but in some cases, a phone interview might be conducted as long as some recording of it can be done. You can also video chat, Facetime, or Skype.
  4. Interview. Conduct the interview and hopefully record it. Note: The interview does not need to be transcribed.
  5. Interview Questions
  1. What do you consider your job or career? How has it changed over your life? Is what you are doing different than you had envisioned when you were a child?
  2. What has been the nature and relationship between paid and household work over your life? Discuss your satisfaction with your paid and unpaid work life? How has your spouse/partner contributed to unpaid work in the home? Was childcare ever an issue for you?
  3. Describe any discrimination (i.e., gender, race, income, age) you have experienced in work and/or leisure. Have you experienced any problems in work or in relationships with male or female superiors?
  4. How do you define leisure? What have been meaningful leisure/recreation activities in your life over the lifespan (i.e., what do you love to do)?
  5. How has your leisure changed over the lifespan (i.e., in childhood, before and after marriage, before and after children were raised)? How do you think your parents viewed leisure?
  6. How do children and your spouse/significant other (if applicable) relate to your leisure today and in the past?
  7. What does feminism mean to you and how has it influenced your life?
  8. How have you balanced your work, family, and leisure? What priorities do these three areas have in your life?
  9. What do you want your work and leisure to be like in the future? What do you want work and leisure to be like for your children?
  10. Other questions are wide open to you…
  1. Interview Summary (turn in assignment Module 12). 250-500 words.
    1. Who did you interview?
    2. How did it go?
    3. What answers surprised you?
    4. Did you learn anything new about this person?
    5. What is the biggest take away or life lesson you received from this interview?
  2. Complete your cross gendered leisure activity.
  1. Create a slide show presentation relating class materials to the interview’s life experience and your own cross gendered leisure activity experience. (the interview and your experience with the activity does not have to match). Presentation will:
    1. Provide highlights of the person’s life (interviewee).
    2. Use examples and direct quotes to illustrate aspects of their story.
    3. Contrast the interview and what you have learned to course content about leisure, women/gender and constraints. Cite sources. i.e. Article name, video name, etc.
    4. Provide highlights of your cross gendered leisure activity. (what you did, why, etc.)
    5. Describe similarities and differences between your experience and the interviewee related to leisure and recreation in the context of the course material.
  1. Presentation:
    1. 15 slides (no more, including reference list): Divide up sections evenly.
    2. First Slide – your name, class and section number, date.
    3. Interview section –
      1. Describe who you interviewed, their relation to you or why you chose the person, demographic information including marital status, age, age at marriage and childbirth, family background of the respondent.
      2. What conclusions can you draw about work and leisure in the life of this woman?
      3. What did you learn that you did not know before?
      4. How are you like or unlike this person?
      5. How has this woman influenced your attitudes toward work and leisure?
      6. What did you learn from doing the interview?
    4. Leisure activity section.
      1. What activity did you choose?
      2. Why did you choose this activity?
      3. Why have you not done this activity before?
      4. Do you know someone who does the activity?
      5. What do you expect to learn from this assignment?
    5. Similarities and differences.
      1. How are you like or unlike the person you interviewed?
      2. What are the lessons learned from the interview and your cross gendered leisure activity?
      3. What is your advice to others about leisure, recreation and choice?

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