Read the intro and take a side

I’m trying to study for my Environmental Science course and I need some help to understand this question.

Read the intro of “Golden Rice Debate Intro” that available in the attached file with another 2 more file (Pro & Con) and then decide what side ( consider that you are in pro side), and then organize your argument and write a paragraph about that you Pro side, and for Q2 write another paragraph about you have been assigned to be in Con side.

Q1 – What did you decide? Pro or Con for Golden Rice?

– For this question take Pro side and write a paragraph about it

Q2- Was this the same side that you were assigned?

– (Say no I was assigned to be in Con, and then start write about Con side)

To make it clear, you will take the both side (pro and con) the first time Pro, but for Con side you will start bay saying “No I was assigned for Con side………

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