read the chapter and answer the question

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choose one (1) of the following four options and answer thoughtfully and thoroughly. Your answers should be several paragraphs, single-spaced.

  1. option 1:
    How would you explain the finding that ads that achieve high recall scores don’t always turn out to do a good job in generating sales? Might some features of ads make them memorable but also turn off consumers and dissuade them from buying the brand? Give an example from your experience.
    option 2:
  2. How do marketers test the effectiveness of sponsorship programs?
  3. option 3:
    Identify and explain the different factors used to measure Internet advertising. Different measurement factors are hits, click-throughs, page views, visits, and unique visitors. What do these factors measure? Is it effectiveness? Be very specific about each one.
  4. option 4:
    Discuss the methods that have been proposed for measuring the overall effectiveness of an integrated marketing communication (IMC) program. Do you think these are sufficient? Would they produce an accurate measure of the impact of an overall IMC program?

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