read the chapter and answer the question– 1 page

I need help with a Social Science question. All explanations and answers will be used to help me learn.

After reading chapter 15, consider and answer the following:

  • Do you think Dr. Cherlin’s assertion that remarried/stepfamilies are an “incomplete institution” because they lack social scripts that would assist the family in coming together and assuming roles and responsibilities is still relevant and carries a measure of truth even decades after he made this observation and why?
  • As you read over the chapter and reviewed relevant course materials, what were some of the main issues or challenges that stood out to you concerning stepfamily dynamics?
  • When the chapter addressed stereotypes and stigmas, what is your perspective–what do you think shapes our views of step-families?

Moreover, based on what we learned from the chapter and even your own experiences and observations…

  • What do you think would help stepfamilies as they form a new family system (e.g., identity, communication, the formation process, roles, etc.)?
  • Furthermore, what suggestions would you propose that would assist us as a society in helping stepfamilies? Do not hesitate to speak from personal experience.

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