Read the book and answer each question thourougly- TOUGH GRADER

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The assignment below covers the 1973, 1974, and 1975 terms in The Brethren by Bob Woodward and Scott Armstrong. You must answer both questions listed below.

Please read and answer ALL questions from the required reading.

1. Recently, you learned about conference voting, opinion assignment, and the opinion writing process. Please explain what this process typically looks like. [One paragraph]. Find an example of opinion assignment and bargaining from this reading (1973-1974) of The Brethren. What is the case? Who wrote the majority opinion? Did this transpire in typical fashion (i.e., the way you learned in lecture) or was it somewhat unique? [1-2 paragraphs]. Compare this case to the events that transpired in United States v. Nixon. Who was assigned the opinion in this case and who ultimately wrote it? How did this come about? [1-2 paragraphs].

(2) The Brethren offers an unprecedented perspective into one of the most secluded and enigmatic branches of our national government. Yet despite the striving for neutrality it is obvious that certain justices are portrayed in a less favorable light. Did the book present an objective or biased account of the Supreme Court? [1 paragraph]. Reading the book, did you find it helpful in understanding legal concepts and how they relate to the Supreme Court? [1 paragraph]. Should the Supreme Court be more forthcoming about its operations, or should it be allowed to have its space and privacy? Why or why not? [1 paragraph]. Do you think that the book’s description of the Supreme Court will offer lessons that will last across generations, or only useful in understanding the operation of the Burger Court? [1-2 paragraphs].

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