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Read Case #17 – “Bugs Everywhere” then answer the following questions:

  1. What happens if metrics are not tracked on bug identification and bug fixes?
  2. Imagine the following scenario: A tester creates a new bug report for a problem that was already identified as a bug; however, it is not detected as a duplicate. What happens to the project? This is a particularly common issue with large, complex system development efforts. How can you mitigate the problem of different users reporting the same bug or problem about the system?

Your submission should be a Word document of at least 400 words, with proper grammar, spelling and punctuation, including APA formatted references and in-text citations.

CASE 17:

“Bug reports are an important part of software development. All bugs must be logged, fixed, and tested. There are three common types of bugs programmers look for when building a system:

■ Syntax errors: A mistake in the program’s words or symbols.■ Runtime errors: A mistake that causes the program to crash, such as dividing by 0 or adding together two strings.■ Logic errors: A mistake that causes the output of the program to be wrong, such as adding instead of subtracting, using < instead of >, or using the wrong data in an equation”

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