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Ready Player 1 ch.2-10 assignment

1. Keep updating your log of Wade’s qualities as you infer them from his behavior. E.g.:


in the book: Downloaded every single movie, TV show, and cartoon

mentioned in Anorak’s Almanac (p.14). What does it tell us about his


Fact in the book: Explored the free OASIS libraries,

[…] old books written by people who weren’t afraid to be honest

(p.16) What does it tell us about his character?
Fact in the book:

Built his laptop out of broken laptop from garbage. Had two spare and backup drives What does it tell us about his character?

keep listing facts about Wade and inferring from them. We are

practicing to use evidence. Don’t forget to infer some qualities from

his first conversation with Artemis!2. What is Wade’s Avatar’s name?

Google the meaning and history of this name. What does this choice tell

us about Wade?
3. In the world created in the novel, education has

become so costly that a VR alternative was offered for students on a

trial basis. The main character eagerly accepted a position in the new

school. Analyze the reasons for his choice.
4. Would you attend a virtual reality school if it were posed as an option? Why?
5. Compare and contrast Virtual Reality school with online/remote education. Don’t forget to make a conclusion.
What is IOI? What is their plan for OASIS if they find the egg? Why is OASIS valuable for corporations? Who owns the OASIS?
6. What is Aech’s source of income? What do you think of that?
7. Why don’t Aech and Wade team up to search for the egg?
8. Describe the geography of OASIS. Look at the list of planets on p.49. Which of the references do you get?
9. What do you like about the VR school in the book? What don’t you like?

Wade’s success was a result of his extensive knowledge of James

Halliday. List the strategies Wade used to help him find, retain, and

retrieve information. Which strategies do you use? Under what

11. Halliday designed the location of the first Key to

be easily accessible for the poor and the low-level avatar. How? Prove

it by facts from the book. What does it tell us about Halliday?
12. Do you like the underdog stories?
13. Artemis is lonely. What in her behavior in ch.9 betrays this fact?

P.106, end of ch.10, we suddenly see the connection between the VR

world and Wade’s reality: “saving my game allowed me to to log out for

bathroom breaks and to recharge my space heater”.
a.Do you remember how Wade charges his space heater?
b.What did you think/feel when this “real world” intruded on the VR adventure?
15. What stands out to you so far in the story or in the way it is written?
16. Google the meaning and history of the word Ludos. What did you learn?

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