questions 1-7 for effective public speaking

1.  What is the difference between being a member of a small group that works together and then presents before another group, ang being a member of a panel that never meets before it presents?


2.  How would your presentation differ if you had a primary audience only or you had botha primary and a secondary audience


3.  when you work with others to accomplish tasks in college, can you usually identify who the leader is?  How?  What seems to be the most difficult aspect of being a leader in a college classroom project?


4.  Can you think of a situation when your fellow group members did not fulfill their group , if so how did you react?


5.  under what circustances would it make sense to present as a member of a panel? of a symposium?  when is a forum appropriate?


6.  If you were giving advice to a friend who had not participated in a small-group presentation, what would you tell your friend about speaking as a memeber of a group before another group?


7.  Have you ttraveled abroad and noticed differences i how other cultures communicate?  What are some differences noted?  How might these differences impact the groups task at hand.?

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