Question : (i) Being the $174 upgrade from a standard room co.


: (i) Being the $174 upgrade from a standard room co…

(i) During a self-education travel, Michael made a $174 upgrade from a standard room costing $650 to a Deluxe room costing $824 at the Langham Hotel in Melbourne. You are to advise Michael exactly how much is tax-deductible in relation to the accommodation.

Furthermore, please advise Michael as to whether he can claim a tax deduction for the cost of buying a packet of Codral cold and flu tablets and Vitamin C tablets costing $22 in Melbourne whilst at the conference due to the fact that he is getting a head cold.

(ii)       Item 10(e) – page 30, being the purchase of the Dell desktop computer from Myer on 19 November 2015. Michael bought the $2,800 computer by redeeming the $200 gift card and putting the balance of $2,600 owing on his Visa card. Please advise Michael how much is tax-deductible?

For each item above, you are required to outline:

what section references, cases, rulings, determinations etc. were used as authority by the group to research the two abovementioned tax issues; and

the conclusion (ie. claim the deduction or not claim the deduction for these two items).

Please do not quote the 2017 CCH Australian Master Tax Guide at all in your answer as this is not a source of taxation law. No marks will be awarded if the Master Tax Guide is referenced in your answer.

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