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1. Finish the sentence: The author, John Bodley, is attempting to argue that “the benefits of progress are often both illusory and detrimental to tribal people when they have not been allowed” . . . ?

2. The most inescapable fact of research studying the effects of modernization on traditional culture change is that the quality of life for tribal peoples has what?

a. increased or decreased?

b. and in what way (name two changes you think are most significant)?

Diseases of Development
3. While the heavily Europeanized acculturation of the New Zealand Maori people was associated with their higher cases of gout,

, atherosclerosis, obesity and hypertension, what did Dr. Ian Prior’s study conclude were the specific reasons why the Pukapukans had low levels of heart disease,

high blood pressure

and diabetes

4. Why was the Zande scheme of large-scale relocation considered to have “disastrous results”?

The Hazards of Dietary Change
5. What is stated in the article to be “perhaps the most frequent cause of diet change” among formerly self-sufficient people?

Teeth and Progress
6. In addition to caries (cavities) reaching 48%, what other changes to the mouth and face cause when “Eskimos” (especially on Vancouver Island) changed to an almost exclusive diet of purchased or government-supplied food?


7. What is the most critical malnutrition problem for native peoples who were forced to change from traditional diets?

8. What is the “most tragic and largely overlooked” aspects of chronic malnutrition”


9. Finish the sentence: “Economic development is forcing ecocide on” . . .

a. who?

b. in what ways (give 3 specific details)?

Deprivation and Discrimination
10. In addition to feeling deprivation when the “economic goals they have been encouraged to seek fail to materialize”, why else do (or should) tribal peoples feel deprived of the “progress” they are made to participate in, as their culture is “sacrificed in the process of modernization?

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