question 1 and question 2 are in separate docs APA format please add resources follow instructions 350 words each—RVAV

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1)A. Explain the importance of risk management and contingency planning. Discuss the following ,making sure you have researched them and then utilize the Course Textbook.

  • Risk analysis
  • Incident response procedures
  • Disaster recovery plans
  • Contingency planning

B. Create a Business continuity plan for a US Based Company. If you work in the USA ,you may use data from the company. However you must create your own plan to present at the next meeting.

Create a Media File

Please also integrate the method of delivery ,you may use social media ,video ,power point or any delivery method to demonstrate your plan.

2)Chapters 26 through 29 presented four mini-case studies on ERM and risk. Each one presented a slightly different risk scenario. Starting with chapter 29, assume that you have been asked to advise the Akawini management team on how they should promote and monitor the transformation of risk management in their business. What performance measures would you recommend that use so that they can monitor progress and performance? Choose one other of the chapters from this week and recommend ERM measures that organization should implement as well to monitor risks outlined in that chapter.

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