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Summary of essential concepts from Lesson 1

Being a newbie to project management, it is always best to take gradual steps to understand the underlying concepts useful in real-time project implementation. One such area is understanding the essential concepts of organizational behavior (hereafter OB). The central focus areas of OB involves critical components such as managerial skills, people skills, employee-employer relationships and many other. Furthermore, unlike project management, OB utilizes statistical and practical data sets to understand an underlying problem within an organization. Thus, OB and project management complement each other. As a result, organizations have seen increased productivity and healthy workplace relationships.

OB, by definition, investigates the impact groups, individuals, and existing structure that has an impact on the organization. By implementing OB, organizations can benefit from studying impact areas and enhance effective measures to improve workplace efficiency in many aspects. OB specifically focuses on employee groups within an organization as opposed to different disciplines included in project management. To implement robust OB practices, it is critical to evaluate the focal points associated with them. These focal points cover the core aspects such as motivation, interpersonal communication, and many others that significantly impact an organization.

The predictability of impact patterns associated with individuals helps address inconsistencies within an organization. It is generally backed up by a systematic approach that considers certain constants while the study is implemented. Systematic tasks such as evidence-based management provide managers insights on effective decision-making utilizing factual information. These tools enhance critical organizational processes. Sometimes managers need to make decisions based on their gut feeling, which does not include conclusive evidence on an activity. In this approach, facts could be overshadowed, leaving behind critical organization information. Other statistical-based tools such as Big data allow managers to predict the effect, cause relationships, and correlate employees’ objectives.

OB involves several fields of study, and each area targets a specific element within an organization. Therefore, even though the principles of OB might seem stringent, but there are a few absolutes. As a result, the models developed or utilized to evaluate impact elements might not be accurate and straightforward. The reason being, OB is primarily targeting the behavioral pattern of employees within an organization.

With benefits, there are few challenges associated with OB. For example, organizations nowadays implement projects with participants across the globe. OB’s opportunities are to evaluate demographics, workforce diversity, working environment, and many others. A general OB model includes elements such as inputs, processes, and outcomes. Each of these variables involves extensive study to develop a robust model. OB model, in general, should be simple and close to real-world scenarios to maximize the results.  

To summarize, OB allows managers to use statistical data rather than generalizations. A more practical and systematic approach rather than assumptions that involve critical project variables. Managers can utilize systematic techniques such as evidence-based management and big data to improve technical and conceptual skills.

2) As a manager, I would first check if it was posted on the official Twitter handle of our company. If yes, then I would request the IT department to suspend his/her account temporarily. Then, while this has been taken care of, I would set up some one-one sessions to first understand if the financial advisor is going through any complications or if he/she is facing financial problems to understand the root cause. Finally, since the company has specific organizational rules on employees’ social media presence, I would check if the posts violated the code of conduct in the first place. Next, I check to see if the advisor’s account is hacked or a conscious effort. After all this effort, if the employee was found guilty, I will go by the organization’s riles to take the necessary action. But if the Twitter handle is hacked, I will check the rules to ensure all the areas are covered before stating that it is not wrong from his/her end.

On the contrary, if the employee posts on their account and if it comes to my notice of any unusual activity like this. Then, I will request the IT department keep track of the employee’s Twitter handle to avoid any unusual behavior at the workplace. Even before, I will check for ways to communicate with the advisor and understand if there any workplace complication that he/she are facing that the company can resolve.

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Sumanth Kodandaram 

Week 1 Discussion


I think Chapter 1 was the highlight of this week. In this chapter the most valuable lesson I’ve learned about the complexity of the diversity of workforces and how to consider how to handle it. Chapter 1 was all about the basic interpersonal behavior. In addition, IAS learned the value of managing and improving the well-being of workers and developing a healthy working atmosphere because this attracts the employees at the same time. Chapter 1 concerned organizational diversity. The way the company will attract, select, and develop various employees is relevant in this chapter. Finally, Chapter 1 devoted everything to attitudes and employment. The most ideas I have in this chapter are causes that can lead to satisfaction at work, which are crucial so I can realize, as a major, what to do to help people satisfy their jobs (Tenney. 2021)

Organization, which focuses solely on organizational ethics, has different viewpoints. As a money management office manager, the key responsibility will be to address the financial conditions of the resources, supplies and facilities necessary to implement the proposal and achieve the aim. Any move is taken to ensure that the staff is involved and to clarify the ethics of the organization. The key reason for this is to better address diversity. There is no definite when we deal with people’s complexity. Assaid, it can be a networking forum, but it is because a financial planner is still committed to a job obligation (Mizuki Oka. 2014).

A financial adviser for the company is the key priority to prepare the goal, in this situation, if it is to be published on the Social Media that it takes 500 dollars to pay its house rent, it is not to be commended. It is certainly so unjust and immoral to post for a social network to be a financial consultant that the company might also downpour. With this in mind, an official email message is sent to alert the financial adviser about such conduct and to remind the organizational authority that the individual has not complied with the organization’s terms and regulations. On the other side, it often involves consciously or unknowingly rejecting the organization’s role.

This is certainly expected to make sure that the identity of the company has not been declared. Failure to maintain this action, I will submit a termination to the operating wrongdoing. As an organizational planner, I would really like to see a position with simple protocols and ethical standards that must be followed by all workers. Contrary to this, if a financial planner performs in accordance with the predicted results, salary, bonuses or promotion are also credited with an increase that is certainly not leading to such posts in social media. A financial planning officer will need a financial consultant to embody those skills in an organization. On the other hand, it helps to determine the actions of the personality to understand the psychological values. As it is necessary that the staff of the company is involved in social media, greater contact with the workers is necessary because often both the advantages and the disadvantages of customers are shared on a regular basis (Hetzner, 2015)

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