Purpose Statement

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For your course project, you will draw upon your previous knowledge to create a Community/Population Health Education Program geared towards a prevalent public health issue.

Project Part 1 – Purpose Statement

To plan, implement, and evaluate an effective program you must have a solid foundation in place to guide participants through all phases of the program. The purpose statement, goals, and objectives should give direction to your program and provide the groundwork for program evaluation.

Purpose Statement: Often referred to as a program overview, this is a short narrative that describes the intent of a program but also reflects the purpose behind it.

  • Example: The purpose of the community/population health program is to prove a wide variety of primary prevention strategies for residents in the priority population.

Program Goals: The program goals should be simple concise and should include two basic components: Who will be affected and what will change as a result of the program.

  • Example: To reduce the spread of HIV in New York.

Program Objectives: Objectives are more precise and represent smaller steps to ultimately help reach the program goal. Knowing how to construct objectives for a program is an important skill for a planner.

  • Example: Identify how the preventative care management approach promotes healthy living.

As you draft your purpose statement, goals, and objectives remember your priority population. Goals and objectives should be relevant and attainable for the population being served.

Your paper should be a minimum of two-pages long and include the following:

  • Select a priority population to serve
    • Examples: Rural or city populations; newly immigrated populations
  • Select a community/population health education program targeting prevalent public health issue (must be relevant to priority population)
    • Type 2 Diabetes, Obesity, Heart Disease and Daily Exercise
  • Describe your priority population and health issue.
  • Develop a purpose statement for your health education program
  • Develop a program goal
    • Minimum of one program goal
  • Develop program objectives
    • Minimum of 3 objectives

Now using your critical thinking skills, answer the following:

  • Discuss why the health issue is a problem and the ramifications if the problem goes unresolved.
  • Discuss the methods and actions that the program intends to implement to help solve the health issue and why these methods will be effective.

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