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Section 1

This assessment is based on your perceptions of the following scenario and focuses on developing a SWOT analysis along with related questions. Minor research is required. You should consult the EBSCO database or any other databases regarding the SWOT analysis.

Scenario: The Green City Activity Center has asked you to help them understand their current business situation and create a SWOT analysis for them. You have been given this information:

Green City is a moderately small suburb of a major city, and it borders several other suburbs, a few of which have their own community centers.

There is a metro train that travels through Green City, but the station is not within walking distance of the Center. There is an active bus service within the city, however.

The Center is located on a main street in the community and is only about 6 blocks from the local high school. Nearby businesses include a bookstore, a busy doctor’s office, and a small preschool. There is a municipal pool at the other end of town.

The Center was built only 20 years ago, and the building has been well maintained. The parking lot is of adequate size and was last sealed about 8 years ago.

The center’s amenities include an indoor swimming pool, a wading pool, four tennis courts, a running track, a gym with several kinds of weight machines and cycles, and a basketball court. There is also a juice bar/coffeeshop on the premises, although it is mostly younger center patrons who visit it. The locker rooms are relatively small. There is a large storage room near the back of the building which has not yet been designated for a specific use.

  • The center’s services include yoga classes on Tuesday evenings, and children’s swimming classes on Saturday mornings.
  • Use of the Center is allowed by subscription only. Passes are purchased for 6 months at a time. Patrons are welcome to drop in from 9 am to 9 pm Monday through Saturday.
  • Many of the staff have worked at the Center for several years and know customers well. Typically, there is an opening for a new staff member approximately every six months due to natural attrition.
  • The Center has not yet tapped into social media.
  • Part 1 SWOT Analysis
  • Consider the above scenario and develop a SWOT analysis. Remember that strengths and weaknesses focus on company (internal) factors, and opportunities and threats come from external (non-controllable) factors. Follow these parameters:
  • Present your analysis either in a Word® table or bulleted list.
  • Clearly identify each section as S (Strengths), W (Weaknesses), O (Opportunities), and T (Threats).
  • Include 3 clear, statements for each section.

Examples of strong statements relate each area of analysis to the scenario. Focus as many of your statements as possible on components of the client’s system (network, database, web presence, etc.).




  • Threats
  • Things the business does well
  • Things your business lacks
  • Underutilized markets
  • Emerging Competition

Qualities that separate you from competitors

Things your competitors do better

Little competition

Negative press/media (or the lack of positive coverage)

Internal resources (specialized equipment, trained staff, unique programs)

Limited resources

Emerging need for new products or services you can provide

Poor customer communications

Tangible assets (IP, capital, technology, patents)

Unclear purpose or marketing

Enhanced communication and social media

Disrupted supply chain or market forces

Do not write questions. Write in full sentences.

Write entirely in your own words; do not copy wording from the scenario.

There is no need to cite the above scenario in your paper.

Part 2 Information Systems

Before you present your SWOT analysis to the client, you realize this is also an opportunity to learn about various kinds of Information Systems:
Find at least one appropriate Purdue Library source or web source to learn about different types of listed below.

Executive Information Systems (ESS)

Decision Support Systems (DSS)

Management Information Systems (MIS)

Transaction Processing Systems (TPS)

Artificial Intelligence and Expert Systems

For each of the above:

Prepare a paragraph of at least 50 words that provides a definition of the system and its functions.

Provide an example of each type of system

Write in your own words (no quotes and no copying).

Provide the full URL of your source.

Section 2


In most professional settings, it is common practice for teams to share information on new topics. You will create a presentation about aligning your business with the cloud. Select a fictitious company and align your company to be put in a position to migrate to the cloud.

Your PowerPoint report must be at least 5 slides, not including the title and reference slides, and must contain the following:

Your business function and the requirements for the business

Steps your company must take to have a successful transition

What is going to change with the adoption of the cloud?

What is the expected outcome when moving to the cloud?

Peer/Co-worker Review

Ask a peer or co-worker to review your presentation for their opinion. Have the reviewer complete the Peer/Co-worker Reviewer Form and send it back to you.  Incorporate their opinions in your presentation where applicable. To receive full credit for this assignment, submit the completed Peer/Co-worker Reviewer Form with your presentation.

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