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I have been working on this paper for the past 10 days, and am at the point, I don’t have any time to finish it.

I need it done by this weekend. If you can get it done in pristine condition by Friday, even better, and I’ll pay a $50.00 bonus.

It has been hanging over my head, and it is one of my last papers for graduation. I am attaching the following;

** I am attaching the Assignment PDF.

** I am attaching my Word document that I started doing my assignment.

Here is the financial deal…

I am willing to pay $100 just to have the paper finished out by this weekend, but MUST be college level. You will see my writing style, and needs to sound like it is from me.

If you can have it to me by Saturday and it is truly college level where I don’t have to edit before submitting it, I will pay a $50.00 bonus. (It will free me up for Mother’s Day with my children, so well worth it.)

There is a presentation piece that needs 7-10 slides. If do the PPT presentation with notes for me to script the video, I will pay another $50.

So, in short, I will pay up to $200 to have this delivered cradle to grave. if you just want to do the paper and not the presentation, that is fine. I just want a one-stop-shop of getting this done.

DO NOT accept this if do not have experience in Marketing. For a marketing person, this should be easy breezy.

DO NOT accept this and think you are going to plagiarize and cut and paste from other people’s work. I want a truly free paper.

If all goes well, I have one other that I could also use help with in my Management Strategy class.



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Purdue Global University Mark

Scenario: Lee is the owner of Lee’s Bookstore, which is located in the city closest to where you live. Lee has now hired you to design the basic components of a marketing strategy for her business. You must use the industry selected by your instructor.

Checklist: Summarize a marketing strategy for Lee’s business, addressing each part.

Part 1 Mission

Redefine Lee’s mission. Lee’s current mission is more of a product-oriented mission statement. For example, “We sell flowers” or “We make pizza.”

  • Write a marketing-oriented mission statement for Lee’s business.

Part 2: Situation Analysis

Organization Strengths and Weaknesses:

  • Describe methods that Lee COULD use to identify her internal strengths and weaknesses information. For example, some businesses use secret shoppers to identify an organization’s strengths and weaknesses. Explain your response.
  • Using sources like the U. S. Census Bureau, describe the demographics affecting Lee’s business in your area.
  • How is technology being utilized in the assigned industry that might have a positive or negative impact on Lee’s business?
  • Identify Lee’s direct and indirect competitors and her competitive advantage against her direct and non-direct competitors in the city nearest to where you live.
  • Define the concept of sustainable competitive advantage and explain what advice you would give to Lee in her quest to build a sustainable competitive advantage.

Part 3: Marketing Objectives

  • Set marketing plan objectives for Lee’s business (see p. 25 of your text).
  • Identify at least two S.M.A.R.T. goals (i.e., specific, measurable, achievable, realistic (and relevant to the mission), and time-bounded).

These first three parts of the paper should be a minimum of 1½ pages or 350 words total and use current APA format and citation style (see the reading area for APA assistance). Your paper should include headings (Part 2: Situation Analysis: Environmental Scan, etc.) an introduction, and a conclusion.

Part 4: Marketing Strategy

  • Describe the target market strategy for Lee’s business. Paint a very clear picture of who Lee will be targeting for her product. For example: Appealing to an entire market, concentrating on one particular segment, or multiple market segments.
  • Explain the four strategies for growth: market penetration, market development, product development, and diversification. How can Lee use market penetration to increase her sales? Explain.
  • Briefly describe your marketing mix strategy: product (size, colors, packaging, use, etc.), place or distribution method, pricing, and promotion.

Part 5: Implementation

  • Using the concepts from the text, explain how you will turn your plan into a reality. For example: Detailed job assignments and activity descriptions.

Part 6: Evaluation

  • Using the concepts from the text, describe how you will evaluate your marketing strategy.

Access the Assignment grading rubric located in the Course Resources area.

Respond in a minimum of 3 pages: 1½ pages (350 words) for Parts 1–3 and 1½ pages (350 words) for Parts 4–6 in a Microsoft® Word® document with additional title and reference pages using the current APA format and citation style (see Unit 1 reading area for APA assistance). Your paper should include headings, an introduction, and a conclusion.

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