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With the iShirt campaign goals established, the next phase is to develop the content
strategy. The VP of marketing, Cherie let you know that she expects the marketing
efforts will begin one week before the iShirt launch.
Please keep in mind that every post might not be directly focused on generating sales.
This is based on exposure, which is at the top of the sales funnel. A balance of business
and consumer-focused content could appeal to the target audience and help generate
Phase Four of the social media marketing plan (SMMP) should include platforms
specific tactics that support the iShirt campaign goals:
• Content topics and formats – Explain the types of content and main topics that
will be used for the iShirt social media campaign. Include how you plan to source
the content.

Please refer to Chapters 6 and 7 in the textbook.
• Platform prioritization – Using the social media platforms that you determined in
phase one, prioritize them into three tiers. Tier one highlighting the main focus for
the iShirt campaign, tier two being secondary platforms, and tier three being any
additional supporting channels. Please refer to Chapter 4 in the textbook.

Content calendar – First, determine the frequency of posting that should be
adopted for each social media platform. Complete the content calendar template
provided for one month of the campaign. This is the posting schedule, which
should cover one week before the iShirt launch and three weeks post launch.
Please include each platform with the appropriate content format and frequency

  • • Using the Phase Four Worksheet provided in the assignment, create a two page
    paper describing the Phase 4 part of your final plan (plus separate Reference
    page and complete content calendar).
    • Include at least 2 separate credible resources to back up the details of your plan.
    • This is a business course so spelling, grammar & professional business writing
    format count.
    • Refer to the final Social Media Marketing Plan for assignment details and grading

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