Psychology of Counseling Research Paper

I don’t know how to handle this Psychology question and need guidance.

This are the instructions:

Please be advised that the term paper is a topic of your choice as long as it has to do with the main content of the class. Make sure that your topic is not something like, “Psychology of Counseling” or “Psychology and the Clinical Process”. These are informational papers that are not appropriate for a master level course. Make sure that your topic has an investigative nature like, ” What is the Most Appropriate Counseling Technique?” or ” How Successful is the Applications of Adlerian Therapy?” These are topics that are designed to solve a concern or a question that the student may have.

I expect master level students research and content. If you have any questions or concerns about your paper like, how to develop your topic or using APA style 7th or any other technical questions concerning this paper, please email me and schedule a meeting with me over BB Collaborate. I can go into details there and at your own time.

Be advised that, I will not accept any term paper that looks, sound, reads or even feels like it was done 1 or 2 days before the due date.

Stay in touch with me about this. Thank you.


My selected topic

How can the counselor’s values influence along the therapeutic process?

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