PSYCH 241 ICC Discussion


During early childhood, I was a very shy child who tried to avoid people at all costs except for my family. I was learning how to operate correctly by being potty trained, learning to write, and learning to eat properly without help. I learned to write my name when I was around three or four years old because my older brother was learning and I wanted to be like him. Most of the things I learned at this age were because I was trying to be like my big brother. I followed the preoperational stage that Piaget believed in because I would always play with my brother. We would play Star Wars and pretend that we had lightsabers in our hands. I would pretend that the windows in my house were a drive-thru and I would be the cashier person that hands out the food and runs the register. These games that I would play have led me to have more imagination now and have allowed me to show my interests more often. 

I don’t have any younger siblings or nieces and nephews. I have younger cousins, though, as mentioned in a previous assignment. My cousins were very egocentric at the early childhood stage of their lives and some of them are still in this stage. They believed everyone felt and thought the same way as them. The older ones don’t really act this way anymore, but the younger ones do. It isn’t as bad as it used to be, but it’s still there. They were all very imaginative like my brother and I was and it shows in the present. They didn’t play the same types of games we did, but their imagination still showed through in their own way. 


This past week having to think a little more about my early childhood has been very eye-opening for me, to say the least. During my early childhood I was very outgoing and sociable. I am still this way today, but I have now learned when to speak and when to not. I did not have a hard time potty training, learning to walk, or really anything else. In the past I have never been challenged much with anything developmentally, but  from a young age I did become a very high-stress person. My mom is also this way, so it must just run in the family or I mirrored her behavior and it became a habit. I am still a high-stress person to this day and it has been something I have had to learn to manage since my early childhood. I believe I will always be more high-stress than many of my peers, but I do not always see it as a bad thing. It helps me get be more responsible and have better time-management skills. 

As for my younger brother, he faced many challenges developmentally early on. He could not walk or talk until much later than most children. He was diagnosed with autism at age three and since then we have learned he also has a severe learning disability. Although this can be hard for him and my family, we have learned how to manage many circumstances. He will live with this his entire life, but he has a very strong and loving family who is willing and able to help at any cost. 

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