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The 3 areas I would like to make improvement to are water intake, diet and overeating, and physical inactivity. A little baseline for where I am at with each of these areas: water intake is equivalent to at least 2 water bottles a day but I usually struggle to do any more than that amount. A tactic I have been trying to use is set reminders on my phone on when I should be consuming water. (ex. 9:00a-11:00a finish a water bottle, 12:00p-3:00p finish water bottle #2 and so on.) I want to eventually get to the point where I am drinking the recommended amount for any person (4 water bottles). This particular health behavior is the one I would like to focus on and create a treatment plan for (as outlined in part II). Dieting is something I have always had a problem with even if it is small scale. Another thing I struggle with is overeating, I either eat once a day or go on a random binge and eat snacks and junk food out of boredom. Something else I would like to work on is the amount of meals I consume in a day. Its rare that I eat the recommended 3 meals a day with snacks in between. I usually eat several snacks throughout the day and will either have breakfast or dinner, I’d really like to get into the routine of eating the 3 meals with snacks in between. Lastly, I will insert a previous paper on my physical inactivity an things I have been doing to improve it, to provide a general idea about it. I have been struggling with the amount of times I go to the gym since starting my exercise journey. I generally only go 1-2 days a week. I have noticed some small differences like increase of energy and satisfaction on tasks on the days I do work out, but on the days I don’t I feel no particular way. 

Assignment instructions:

Part I: Using the information you learned in the last seven weeks, identify three areas to make improvements in your current lifestyle choices. Write about the three areas with insights such as why you consider them important for your health, how you strayed from a path of health, and other information from the course to demonstrate your understanding of the area and your motivation. Please include a persuasive argument (for yourself) about why it is important to address this area at this time. Tailor the information in the plan to your understanding of the area based on the course resources (readings, videos, websites, articles).

Part II: Using information you learned about behavioral interventions and health psychology in practice, please write about a plan for yourself (or a friend). Write about whether you think the plans will be difficult, and build in strategies to stay motivated—or even develop a Plan B if needed. Tailor the information in the plan to your understanding of the area’s treatment based on the course resources (readings, videos, websites, articles). Finally, focus on one of the three areas and treatment plans that might have appeal to others as well. Think about which of the areas/plans you would be most comfortable sharing about with another in a helping setting and provide insight on whether or not you think the information could be helpful to others.

Please include five scholarly resources in the paper.  Use in-text citations for the resources in the paper and then include a reference page at the end of the assignment.

**supplemental reading on the topics as well as paper on physical inactivity will be inserted below (no need to cite the readings from this textbook, I will include it myself :))

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