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Review the Prospectus Template, Dissertation Proposal Template, Milestone Guide, and Milestone Table in the DC Network and discuss how these documents have been helpful to you in completing your ISP. What challenges have you encountered while developing your ISP? How will you work with your chair to address these challenges so that you can meet the goals in your ISP?


After reviewing the Content Expert presentation, what steps have you taken to identify a content expert to serve on your committee?



The resources that the GCU DC network provides has a wealth of information and resources. The templates really makes the formatting and expectation and issues of the dissertation that need to be addressed more workable and fluid. It also makes life of the doctoral student’s life a lot more easier. These guidelines and time tables assist the doctoral learner in the dissertation process and the journey to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I think the challenges is not the difficulty of utilizing the templates and following the instructions, for me it is the amount of time I put in and honestly speaking, I am not putting in more time that I should. Focus now, is to get the prospectus draft solid to standard Dr. Rowell wants it at and then play catch up with the many of you my colleagues.



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