Project Evaluation: Best Practices and Templates

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Based on the work you have completed throughout the course, you are asked to consolidate all of your learning and the feedback you have received into a best practices document for performance evaluation. For the final assignment, create a document containing best practices and/or templates for the following areas:

The role and purpose of performance evaluation in a project environment (Lesson 1)

How to approach performance evaluation (Lesson 1)

Feedback and benefits of performance evaluation (Lesson 1)

Evaluation goals matrix (lesson 2)

Evaluation tools (Lesson 3)

Perform earned value example (Lesson 4)

Incorporating Integrated Change Control (Lesson 5)

Change Request Template (Lesson 5)

The assignment does not have a set length and will vary depending on the templates you choose to incorporate. At the end of this assignment you will have a final document that could be utilized as a template for any class/ future work.

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