Project and Operations Management

Read through the ‘Time to Face the Music’ article and think about how you would plan, deliver and close a small music festival in the UK, in the summer.
Decide how you will work as a team to complete assignment to a good standard and submit it on time.

Section 1 (30%)
a. Explain how breakdown structures are used to understand and illustrate the scope of a project and describe how scope management and change control processes are used to avoid scope creep.
b. Create a WBS with 20-30 work packages which outlines the activities involved in planning the festival throughout each of the lifecycle stages. (Use Word, Visio, PowerPoint or similar app to do this and include it in your report.)

Section 2 (30%)
c. Explain how a network diagram and the Critical Path method are used to understand and illustrate the logical sequence of events during a project. Include a description of three different estimating techniques and three different ways to reduce the duration of the project.
d. Using the work packages from your WBS create a network diagram showing the dependencies of each task on another(s) and including the ES/EF, LS/LF and float time estimates. (Use Word, Visio, PowerPoint or similar app to do this and include it in your report.)

Section 3 (20%)
e. Explain how the various elements of a project plan are used to plan and deliver a project to meet time, cost and quality requirements. Describe how the project review process and communication management may be used to support this.
f. Using the details from your network diagram, create a resource levelled, Microsoft Project schedule including named resources. Make sure that this shows the sequence of tasks, by whom they are done and the overall duration of the project. (Use MSP to create the Gantt chart and include it in your report)

Section 4 (10%) Using a formal model of reflection such as Kolb, Gibbs or De Bono (or other appropriate model) describe how the individuals in your group have worked as a team, or otherwise, and how this might have been improved. Include your roles, your plan and your review details where appropriate.

Section 5 (10%) with reference to your feedback from Assignment 1 (Smog Co) explain how you have used the feedback given there to improve your performance in Assignment 2 (Festival project plan).

Presentation format required:
Font – Aerial, size 12; text justified on the left and right of the page;
Relevant graphics should be used in each section.

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