Program Maintenance and Change Process

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1. Respond to the following in a minimum of 75 words: include proper grammar, in text citations, reference

Regular planned meetings with stakeholders identifies the needs of vested participants and helps rank, arrange and prioritize their strategic goals and objectives. Communication is crucial with stakeholders, even when meetings with them tend to be one-sided. It may seem that stakeholders interests in the program supersede management’s, but meetings allow both management and stakeholders to put their thoughts and feedback into context and in alignment with the program’s objectives and project delivery. Generally, communication with program management and stakeholders is not consistent. The key to effective meetings with stakeholders is to focus on the significant interactions regarding concerns and changes within the program. It would benefit program management to keep stakeholders constantly informed. Maintaining a high level of awareness and engagement with stakeholders will strengthen the communication process. It is a job in itself maintaining effective communication with stakeholders and it requires masterful interpersonal skills, like leadership, motivation, and active listening. At the least, stakeholders will acknowledge the program management skills, which is also aligned with stakeholders when it comes to risk management, negotiating, and critical thinking.

2. Respond to the following in a minimum of 75 words: include proper grammar, in text citations, reference

In any situation communication is always important. Stakeholders are the people and organizations whose attitudes and actions have an impact on the success of your project or your company. Effective communication ensures that they receive information that is relevant to their needs and builds positive attitudes to your company or project. Communication helps build positive relationships with people. Communication with stakeholders build conversation. Communication regularly with the stakeholders and creating a positive understanding an help you build effective long term relationships brings a range of benefits. Establishing ground rules for effective stakeholder’s communication will save time, remove obstacles and ultimately, finish the project on time and within budget. When stakeholders voice their reluctance, explore their reasons in a one-on-one conversation. . Once the stakeholder has taken this stance publicly it is extremely difficult to turn it around. Stakeholders like a lot of feedback and support benefit the project; their roles and responsibilities as stakeholders; and what they can gain from being involved. Other stakeholders may be resistant because the benefits they will receive from the system have not been clearly explained or their concerns about the system have not been fully addressed.

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