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I’m studying for my Law class and need an explanation.

1. Respond to the following in a minimum of 75 words:include proper grammar, in text citations, and references

Néed is something that is necessary for survival. Such as the human body needing food and water in order to survive. When it comes to the criminal justice system, need can be defined as whatever is necessary in order for the system to operate. Without certain needs the system would collapse as would the human body without food and water. Some of the needs of government would be proper funding so that,they are able to perform properly. Funding allows for the implementation of programs, hiring of employees, and also being able to obtain necessary equipment. The most important source of information when it comes to law enforcement would probably be the use of computers or the internet which helps to provide information from wherever the investigators may be located. Having information at their fingertips allows for investigators to spend less time and funding on some particular areas of an investigation. It is almost like the information is coming to them without them actually leaving,their desk. The time it takes to perform some tasks involved in an investigation would be reduced immensely.

2. Respond to the following in a minimum of 75 words:include proper grammar, in text citations, and references

Need is something that we need as humans such as food or water and a place to rest. Do not need a fancy place and show everyone what you can afford. A small place where you are comfortable is enough and healthy. Most people also feel the urge to have the latest phone. Having an expensive phone is not necessary to do your job or to contact family and friends. Simply having a phone that works is enough and able to use for work purposes. The best source to get information of needs is by interviewing people and they get additional feedback or background and express not only their needs but someone else might be struggling in a similar matter as well. Questionnaires are another method as well and just to keep it simple that way more people can take the time to fill it out and get some kind of idea of the needs. I think that between organizations as well have to share the information they each receive that way they do not duplicate the work and costs. Having different programs or treatments is more beneficial than having more than one of the same exact thing in the same geographic area.

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