Prof Gabriel only

 wrie a research paper about assisted suicide or abortion..(whatever you like with best material)

LENGTH:   3,000-4,000 words (6-8 pp., double-spaced, with 1” margins)


TYPE:     Argumentative, problem-solution paper.




FORMAT: Typed, double-spaced.  Please note special format for paper 5: All the bold items listed below should appear over corresponding material as paper section headings.  Center and double-space labels.  Use only the bold items as headings.




Section #          Heading/Description     Target Length




I.        Abstract  (of your paper)         1   paragraph

II.       Hypothesis (your prediction)      1-3 sentences

III.      Introduction                      1-2 paragraphs

IV.       Methods and Materials             1-2 sentences

V.        Results

          (A.)Results, Discussion

              (1.)State the topic;        1-2 paragraphs

              (2.)State the problem;      1-2 paragraphs

              (3.)Demonstrate a

                   connection between

                   the topic and problem   1-2 paragraphs

          (B.)Results, Conclusions

              (1.)State your solution     1-2 paragraphs

              (2.)State 2 objections to

                   your solution           1-2 paragraphs

              (3.)Refute the 2 objections1-2 paragraphs

VI.       Conclusion                        1   paragraph

VII.      Works Cited                       Last page


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