Prof Eluid Peterson


Following the American Revolution, changes in the new United States pushed Tecumseh to unite a large group of Native Americans in opposition to the U.S. What were the changes taking place in the United States that pushed Tecumseh to action and what events led to the downfall of Tecumseh and his warriors?

Prompt 2

How did generational differences between white settlers and Wampanoag affect the outcome of colonization? Examine the differences between Massasoit and his son, Philip, as well as Edward Winslow and his son, Josiah.



Answer all parts of the prompt using the required source(s) as the basis for your argument. Include a well-developed question regarding the subject matter for the other students at the end of your post. Then respond to two other student’ questions/posts.


Grading will be based on the following:


The use of plenty of details and examples from the source(s) to support your original commentary in all your posts

Completion of (1) response to the prompt and (2) responses to other student’s posts.

An original and well thought out question for the other students.


Clarity, grammar, and spelling.

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