Problem/Opportunity Identification & Proposed Solution

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For the company Jimmy Beans Wool write a short paper (maximum 5 pages, excluding non-content pages) on the problem or opportunity you plan to address in your final presentation and paper.

Your paper should contain the following:

  • A formal statement of the problem or opportunity, including a description of the situation and the strategic impact it has on the organization
  • A narrative about what you believe to be the causes that contribute to the existence of the situation
  • Descriptions of the alternative solutions you are considering
  • Descriptions of elements of the cost/benefit analysis you will include, both recurring and non-recurring
  • A narrative identifying key “systems” interactions of your plan and how you might address them

The paper must use a formal writing style and follow the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (APA Manual) 6th edition, 7th printing (2010) writing guidelines.

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