principles on which current biomedical ethics are based on

What are your thoughts??

There are four principles on which current biomedical ethics are based on. These principles are not mutually exclusive, rather they are used together. In order of importance I believe that autonomy should come first. “It means that patients have a right to hold views, to make choices, and to take actions based on their values and beliefs” (Bogue, 2020, chap. 3). I think the patient’s right to make a decision about their own health is of the utmost importance. When we take away a person’s right to choose, we are taking away their dignity and we were all created in the image of God, which means we should be able to make decisions for ourselves. For these reasons I believe respect for autonomy would also be the most important in the eyes of Christians. The second principle is nonmaleficence as it is part of the Hippocratic oath. According to Bogue (2020, chap. 3) nonmaleficence is, “avoiding anything that is unnecessarily or unjustifiably harmful or imposes unwarranted risks of harm.” We must protect our patients from any harm coming to them. The third principle should be beneficence. I think if we treat it as caring for our patients and treating them well it helps us gain the trust of our patients. The final principle in order of importance is justice. Once we have given the patient their autonomy, protected them from harm and treated them well, then we will know if we have treated them fairly or not.

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