principles of ethical and legal practices

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For your Module 04 Course Project Assignment, you are continuing to

assist your supervisor with her presentation for the conference on the

Human Services Professional’s ethical duties. You have been asked to

identify a state or local law or policy directed at Human Services

professionals. Prepare a professional proposal for your supervisor

explaining the value in covering this law at the conference.


In a 2-3 page double spaced paper:

Prepare a professional proposal convincing your boss of the importance of educating workers on this law. Be sure to include the following:

  1. The name of the law or policy.
  2. Who does the law or policy apply to?
  3. Why is the law or policy important?
  4. Who does the law or policy protect?
  5. Are there penalties for not abiding by the law or policy? If so, what are they?

Apply APA standards to your work. Please note that the cover page and

references are not included towards the length of the paper. Be sure to

cite the Human Services Code of Ethics in your work

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