Principal Function

Principal Functions and Value Chain

Before answering this discussion question you will need to conduct a review
of the Walmart Stores, Inc. Case on pages 487-501″ See Attachment” of the
course textbook and any additional resources necessary to conduct an
industry analysis on retail sales industry.

Before writing your response, using the Case study and knowledge you have
about the Walmart, complete their industry analysis.
.Identifying the principal resources and capabilities
.Assessing their strategic importance in terms of the two major determinants
of imitability: transferability and replicability
.Assessing the strength of the company in these resources and capabilities
relative to competitors
.Linking the resource analysis to the strategy being pursued
.Assessing the sustainability of the firm’s competitive advantage

Once you have conducted your analysis provide your research and also answer
the following questions:
.Which should be the primary basis for formulating strategy: the external
market (customer requirements in particular) or the firm’s resources and
capabilities. Please explain.
.In which market segments, are Walmart’s capabilities and strengths likely
to be most effective? What are the implications for how the firm should
.Term paper should 500 words NO PLAGIARISM 

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