Preventing healthcare-associated infections

Would your problem identified in the Unit 2 discussion question lend itself to a qualitative or quantitative design? What level of evidence (research design) would best address the problem? Explain your answer.

Veiga-Malta, I. (2016). Preventing healthcare-associated infections by monitoring the cleanliness of medical devices and other critical points in a sterilization service. Biomedical instrumentation & technology50(s3), 45-52.


7 pts

Addresses all aspects of the initial discussion question(s) applying experiences, knowledge, and understanding regarding all weekly concepts.

5 pts

Integrates evidence to support your discussion from *Assigned readings** OR online lessons, AND *at least one outside scholarly source.  TEXTBOOK Houser, J. (2018). Nursing research: Reading, using and creating evidence (4th ed.). Jones & Bartlett.

***Sources are credited. *

6 pts

Presents information using clear and concise language in an organized manner (minimal errors in English grammar, spelling, syntax, and punctuation).

APA style. Must have two references and in-text citations. One full-page excluding cover and reference pages.

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