presentation project 1


Students will present a new substantive article (e.g, a scholarly journal article, or a ‘longform’ piece from a reputable source, such as The Atlantic) relevant to the theme for that week. I recommend using JSTOR, PhilPapers, or other scholarly database. You should focus on the article you have chosen, but also relate it to material I have posted to Blackboard. Students will write a one-page ‘thick’ outline (e.g., using quotations) that will be projected and used as the basis for a 5-10 minute presentation, and then will answer questions and manage class discussion for c. 10 minutes (20 minutes total). Then, you will write a short paper explaining what you learned from the article and class discussion.

Outline and Paper Requirements:

Correct grammar and spelling, of course.

Minimum Length:

Outline: 1 full page, single-spaced. This is also the maximum length. No header other than the title and author of the article.

Reflective Paper: 500 words. No header or title.

Minimum References: 3 cited quotations from at least 2 different sources, using footnotes.

Submission: presenting.your outline and reflective paper as a single .docx file (named: LASTNAME_PresentationProject.docx) to Blackboard by 11:59 PM ET on the following Monday.

the material he was raised referring to is

Due Process and Predictive Policing

obviously you don’t have to read the whole thing

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