Prepare a 4 to 5 minute Power

ACCTG 390W Presentation #1

Prepare a 4 to 5 minute PowerPoint slide presentation on your selected topic.

For the Careers Groups: Your presentation should be informative and interesting and is directed toward your fellow 390W students. You should explain what the career is about and anything else that you think a student would find interesting. Be sure and cover any certifications that are typical in your group’s career track. Be sure to explain how your career might differ depending on whether you work for the Big-4, a midsize firm or in the corporate career group.For the Skills Groups:Your presentation should include, but not necessarily be limited to, information related to: (1) defining what your skill/characteristic really is (for example, we frequently hear that communications skills are important for succeeding in accounting – what ARE good communication skills?) (2) Describe how that characteristic/skill is expected to affect your role as an accountant; (3) and consider and provide examples of what SDSU accounting students can do to improve their abilities in the key characteristic/skill. For the CPA Certification Group:Your job is to analyze the latest rules for becoming eligible to sit for the CPA exam and become a CPA in the state of California (the 150 hour rule). Since everyone in the class is currently enrolled as an accounting major, you may treat your audience as such and focus on the items most critical for a SDSU undergraduate or possibly a BMacc student to focus on to sit for the CPA exam and become licensed.General GuidelinesEach student should bring his or her Power Point presentation on a flash drive. The first presentation is scheduled to cover three class dates. This will allow time for a short debrief after each presentation, providing immediate feedback to each presenter.The presentation will be graded using the rubric posted on Blackboard.

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